Goiserer Parkett offers a wide range of products that are guaranteed to fulfil every wish!

With our specialist knowledge and expertise, we will find the optimum installationmethod for your dreamhome.

Regardless of whether the wooden floor is screwed, nailed or glued – our team works reliably, professionally and always on time!

When laying your new parquetfloor, we will be happy to fulfil your personal wishes. We offer various laying patterns, a wide range of herringbone variations, English bond, mosaic parquet through to timeless planks in a wide variety of widths and lengths.

We will find the perfect offer for you!

The diverse designoptions for the surfaces allow you to create distinctive roomatmospheres for your home.

In addition to the type of parquet, the subfloor is also an essential component. Our employees will be happy to advise you on site and get an initial idea of the conditions.

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There are nearly no limits to the imagination when it comes to laying parquet flooring, but the herringbone pattern is probably the most elegant installation method.

With the English herringbone, the parquet strips are laid at a 90 degree angle to each other, the resulting pattern is reminiscent of the bones of a fish.

The French herringbone is mitred at both ends, which can be 30, 45 or 60 degrees.

In classic herringbone, the wood is purely graded, the surface is sanded smooth and the parquet strips are usually between 360-600mm long and 60-90mm wide.

In contrast to the classic, the modern herringbone is usually brushed, the wood may also have knots, the individual strips are micro-bevelled all round and the strips are usually longer and wider.

An edging with a frieze or fillet strip, which is usually made of a different wood to set colour accents, gives the herringbone parquet a particularly elegant appearance.

We are happy to meet individual customer requirements in terms of degree or angle, surface finish, thickness and colour.

Plank parquet and its variations

Nowadays, floorboards are available in various lengths and widths. An individual surface appearance can also be created in terms of wood type, colour tone, structure and surface finishes such as special steaming processes, lyes, oils and lacquers.

The so called Country house plank is probably the best-known type of plank parquet. This is usually executed in knotty oak. The planks are between 2-2.5m long and 20-30cm wide.

The so-called Castle planks are room-length planks that are usually also wider. These can be up to 14 metres long and 50 cm wide.

Special requests or customised work are also possible. 

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Quality you can see and feel!

Our planks and herringbone are also ideal for exclusive and unusual bathrooms. By professionally sealing the substructure and using a neoprene joint, which is also used in boat building, you can create a unique bathroom atmosphere.

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