Your old parquet or panelled parquet is getting on in years
and you would like to have it professionally cleaned and restored? 

Then you’ve come to the right place!

We want to preserveold floorsin the best possible way, so we endeavour to maintain rather than renew .

Our employees have extensive knowledge and experience. We professionally and carefully remove protruding top layers, clean the substructure and then glue them back together using a vacuum spindle press and the appropriate glue.

Lost top layers can be easily replicated. For this purpose, pieces of reclaimed wood in matching colours are selected in order to avoid a visual difference as far as possible. The replicated parts are then retouched.

Depending on requirements, the entire surface is cleaned and or gently sanded over. Finally, your new, old parquet is restored.

The antique parquet thus retains its  unique  history and captivates with a  fresh appearance.

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