Is your parquet already showing its age?

A scratched, worn surface on natural wood flooring does not mean that it needs to be replaced. Sanding gives parquet floors a new, fresh look
at low cost.

The top layer of parquet is gently removed with various sanding steps. Unevenness, wear and scratches are sanded off and then a customised surface finish can be applied.

Thanks to our modern machines, sanding can be carried out almost dust-free. The surface can also be restructured to bring out the grain of the wood in a particularly characteristic way.

Thanks to our wide range of oils, lyes, soaps, waxes and varnishes, your old parquet floor will shine in any desired colour and create a completely new room atmosphere.

We arerecommended craftsmenof the company Bona and through constant training and further education at the latest technical level.

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