General Terms and Conditions Goiserer Parkett
Goiserer Parkett
Version from 01.01.2020
We contract exclusively under the following
Any telephone calls, conversations,
documents etc. deviating from this shall only be valid if and insofar
as they have been confirmed by us in writing by the managing director
of Goiserer Parkett. Insofar as our
current price list or special offers
contain more up-to-date terms and conditions of sale, delivery and payment,
these shall take precedence over
the corresponding terms and conditions below, insofar as reference
is made to such price lists and/or
special offers before or upon conclusion of the contract.
By placing an order, the buyer confirms that he is
familiar with the published information sheets and installation instructions
and that these are an integral part of the
purchase contract.
The place of jurisdiction and place of fulfilment, both for the
delivery of goods and for the payment of the purchase price, is
4820 Bad Ischl, Austria. Austrian law applies.

Our offers are non-binding until receipt of
acceptance (in the case of a written offer) or our
letter of acceptance.
We therefore reserve the right
to sell the goods to third parties in the case of
verbal orders, in particular telephone orders.
Orders, in particular telephone orders, without
an underlying written offer shall only be
deemed accepted upon receipt of our letter of acceptance
or the delivery note.
If the customer does not agree
with the content of the letter of acceptance sent to him,
he must notify us of this in writing without delay,
but at the latest within 3 working days.
Our offers are valid
for a period of 4 weeks,
unless a different date is specified in the offer itself. Should the costs change by the time
of delivery, the changes shall be borne
by the buyer. Prices are generally ex works,
loaded, excluding VAT (unless otherwise stated),
including standard packaging.
Confirmed prices shall only apply if the ordered quantity is accepted,
sales prices shall only apply as fixed prices if confirmed in writing,
otherwise the prices valid on the day
of delivery according to our price list shall apply
excluding statutory VAT.
For special orders (customised products) that are not
in our product range, Goiserer Parkett is
entitled to deliver an excess quantity of up to 10%.
In the event of cancellation of an offer confirmed verbally or
in writing by the customer, a cancellation fee of 20%
of the net invoice value shall be charged
without exception.

The substrate must be clean and free
of building materials. Maximum permissible residual moisture for cement screed:
1.8 Cm %
Maximum permissible residual moisture for anhydrite screed: 0.3 Cm
If additives are used in the screed, the screed must be approved
for the installation of parquet flooring exclusively
by the screed manufacturer.
In this case, the screed manufacturer assumes liability
for damage due to excessive residual moisture
in the screed with additive.
A heating protocol must always be available
for underfloor heating systems.
Damage to the installed surface
must be reported in writing within 3 days.
In the event of damage caused by moisture,
the cause must be clarified by a court-certified expert,
whereby the costs of the expert opinion must be borne
by the client (building owner).
Maximum permissible pitch for parquet lengths under
20 cm: 2 mm per metre.
Maximum allowable pitch for parquet lengths over 20cm:
1.5mm per metre.
In the event of deviations from the gauge, additional costs will be incurred
for levelling the screed.
For stairs, the tread surface
must be flat and ready for laying, and the step ratio must be correct
with a tolerance of +- 0.3 mm.
The ordered goods must be able to be laid without hindrance
according to the offer.
Specified construction periods must be adhered to.
In the event of major deviations, we reserve the right
to prioritise other construction sites.
In the event of deviations from the basis of the quotation,
the actual time spent (direction) will be charged.

The place of fulfilment is the place of dispatch,
even in the case of delivery ‘free to destination’. Delivery shall be
at the risk and expense of the buyer and the buyer must ensure
that the goods are accepted and secured at the place of delivery,
otherwise we shall be entitled to unload the goods
at the delivery address.
Our products must always be stored in a dry place
and protected from moisture.
Compliance with delivery deadlines shall be subject
to timely delivery by our suppliers and,
where applicable,
fulfilment of the contractual obligations to be performed by the Buyer
by the agreed delivery deadline.
If our performance is hindered by force majeure,
we reserve the right to withdraw from the contract;
in any case, the delivery period shall be extended
until the hindrance has ceased to exist. All costs associated with transport
shall be borne by the buyer (see point 4 of the GTCs).
Deadline deliveries: Deliveries by 10.00 a.m.
at the latest: € 45.00 / Deliveries by 12.00 p.m.
at the latest: € 25.00 /
Deliveries by 4.00 p.m. at the latest:
no additional costs.
EU pallet exchange: These must be exchanged immediately
after acceptance of the delivery, otherwise € 15.-
per pallet will be charged.

Delivery is ex works. The costs associated with transport,
insurance, customs duties and taxes
shall be borne by the buyer.
Transport damage, defects or shortages must be noted
immediately by the recipient vis-à-vis the carrier
on the delivery note
and a copy must be sent to us immediately.
Delivery free construction site, free warehouse or free house
means delivery without unloading
and on condition that the access road is passable
for heavy goods vehicles. The buyer must provide
labour for unloading on site at his own expense.
Waiting times for which the buyer is responsible
will be charged to the buyer.

The risk of performance and price
shall pass to the buyer at the latest when the goods are handed over to the party commissioned
to dispatch them (railway, post office, carrier, etc.).
If despatch is delayed for reasons outside our sphere of responsibility,
the risk of price and performance
shall pass to the Buyer upon notification
of readiness for despatch.

The buyer undertakes to inspect the goods immediately for damage,
defects or shortages
and to notify us immediately in writing of the corresponding complaint,
failing which the claim shall be forfeited.
The buyer must give us the opportunity
to inspect the reported defects on site
within a reasonable period of time,
otherwise the warranty claim shall lapse.
The warranty period shall be one year from delivery
(handover of the goods to the person
authorised to dispatch them).
Justified defects will be remedied by improvement or replacement
at our discretion. In this respect,
the buyer waives any existing right
to a price reduction or cancellation of the contract.
Minor deviations, in particular with regard
to surface quality and colour shades,
are permissible within the framework
of the manufacturer’s sorting regulations. The manufacturer’s instructions
and in particular our installation instructions and technical data sheets
shall be deemed to have been agreed. Obvious defects
must always be reported before installation.
Liability for slight negligence
is excluded.
Wood is a natural product and the natural properties,
deviations and characteristics
must therefore always be observed.

Unless otherwise agreed,
the invoice is due for payment 14 days after delivery
without deduction. Payments shall always be credited
to the oldest debt,
irrespective of any dedication to the contrary. If the buyer
is in arrears with a partial payment in the case of an existing instalment agreement
or in the case of several invoices,
the entire outstanding amount
shall become due for payment immediately.
Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing,
offsetting against counterclaims
of the buyer is excluded,
as is the withholding of (even only partial) payments
due to alleged claims.
For orders worth more than € 10,000.00,
Goiserer Parkett may – unless otherwise agreed –
demand payment in instalments.
In the event of default on instalments,
Goiserer Parkett shall be entitled
to immediately suspend all outstanding work
until the agreed instalment(s) have been paid.

The delivered goods remain our property
until full payment has been made. The purchaser hereby assigns
to us his claims against his customer
arising from the resale of the reserved goods.
Images, logos, technical documents, data material and similar
are the intellectual property of Goiserer Parkett
and may not be published, reproduced,
processed or utilised
without written consent.
We must be informed
immediately in writing of any seizure
or other impairment of the reserved goods.

Goods can only be returned
within 30 days
after the date of delivery
and only after written consent of the management,
whereby a cancellation fee of 20 % of the net invoice value will be charged. The return
must be made in complete packaging units (original packaging)
delivered free to the place of performance. In the event
of approved consent to the return,
the buyer must complete the Goiserer Parkett return document
and enclose it with the return shipment;
otherwise, the return may be refused by us.
Damaged and/or opened packaging units,
second-choice products, special custom-made products,
and exotic woods
will never be accepted.
In the case of an agreed return,
a credit note amounting to 80% of the invoiced purchase price
(minus any freight costs)
will be issued.

The place of fulfilment for our deliveries is the respective Place of dispatch,
for payments 4820 Bad Ischl, Austria.

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